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We talk to companies everyday who are desperately searching for real results from pay per click advertising. They’re confused at why past perfectly executed campaigns underperform. Although we cannot speak for other campaigns, at 121 Media Solutions we believe a custom crafted campaign will always outperform an under managed stock campaign. We offer fully customized campaign structures, comprehensive call tracking, all in a no hassle, contract-free way!

Custom Pay Per Click Campaign Structure

Google offers tools to build PPC campaigns in a matter of minutes. The problem with using this “quick build” method is the volume of unwanted keywords that advertisers pay for. For example, a florist might bid on the following keywords:

local florist
dallas flower company
flowers for funerals

These keywords will trigger unfortunate bids such as: pictures of local flowers, local florist burns down, rose of sharon song for funeral, cost of flowers for a funeral, what kind of flowers are at a celebrity’s funeral, etc…

We combat this by using carefully crafted keyword sets alongside an extensive list of negative keywords. But even that is not enough. The ad copy and landing page are just as important as good keywords. Most PPC companies offer a few ads and one or two landing pages. With Texas SEO Services’ PPC campaign, we build out custom landing pages for at least five ad groups… and sometimes as many as twenty-five. Within every ad group, we write a minimum of three unique ads. We then split test each ad group on a regular basis to ensure maximum performance.

No Contracts!

In addition to creating amazing campaigns….we don’t require a contract! Why? Because we know our campaigns will perform and give you spectacular ROI. We actually have several clients who have cancelled their campaigns due to over performance! They simply can’t handle all the customers we bring to them! Now isn’t that a problem you’d love to have?

Outperform the Competition

We’ve tested our campaigns against other well known PPC management companies like Reach Local and Super Media. The results were outstanding. We typically outperform these types of local PPC companies by a minimum of 2 to 1. Call and ask us about some of the specific case studies. Or call our clients! They’ll be happy to share their experiences.

PPC & Mobile

As of 2013, Google now requires all AdWords accounts to have “Enhanced Campaigns.” What does this mean for you? It means the same ad is going to point to both desktop and mobile devices. If you don’t have a mobile website, this could mean big trouble! Ask about our unique mobile sites and how your PPC account can be “enhanced” ready!

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