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Evolution of Local Marketing

The web has forced industries traditionally limited to using print ads, mailing coupons and cold calls to digitalize their advertising in order to reach their local audience. With e-commerce replacing brick-and-mortar stores, businesses are increasingly trying to push their products and services into the online space to remain competitive. However, many local service providers just cannot exist without a store-front. So what do businesses like restaurants, car repair shops, or medical practices do in the age of the Internet?

Local SEO is the Answer

Local SEO is very similar to our other SEO campaigns, however it’s main focus is on the distinct local radius that the business primarily caters to. At 121 Media Solutions, we look at your local search trends and volumes to determine what drives a local customer to your business. Since each area is different, we don’t push a “cookie-cutter” campaign. Our thorough research of the individual locale allows us to customize each campaign for each business.

Learn how SEO works and how to DOMINATE Local Search in just 81 seconds!

Are you keeping up?

Creating a search presence is difficult. An ever-evolving algorithm has made it troublesome for companies to sustain search rankings. Companies must have a strong presence on every platform and channel just to have a chance of being found through any kind of search – organic, local, mobile, or video.

You need to be everywhere.

Being found is key to a successful business: 85% of internet users use search engines every day to find products and services relevant to their needs, yet only 5% of Fortune 1000 companies rank competitively for their relevant search terms. The 95% of those companies who are not ranking are simply leaving money on the table, and we can prove it.

The right partner for the right results.

We use a no-nonsense, data-driven approach to achieving success with natural search engine optimization. Our proven methodology delivers results by evaluating the market, developing a strategy, analyzing the competition, and setting a long-term road map to better rankings on the most used search engines. We’re trusted by the largest brands and agencies for our thought-leadership in search. Discover the difference that a credible internet marketing partner can really make.

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